Ecofumitech food processing pest control service is a proactive program to prevent cockroaches, flies, other insects, rodents, and birds from threatening the safety and quality of your product. The six-step program for food manufacturers, warehouses and grocery stores includes:

Specific pest control procedures - Our specially trained technicians follow detailed, written procedures for controlling each pest. The protocol is written and reviewed by our entomologist.

Documentation - The technician maintains accurate, up-to-date records of all inspections, treatments, and materials in an onsite log book. The history of each activity that has been performed is often the most important information to provide third-party auditors.

Specially trained Pest Management Professional (PMP): Your PMP and his supervisor are food specialists. They are experienced, Master Certified by pcpb, hold a Fumigator License, which means they are excellent at inspection, communication, and documentation.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) -  Ecofumitech’s uses a multifaceted approach to preventing and solving pest problems with the lowest environmental impact techniques and product selection practical. Ecofumitech’s incorporates education, inspection, identification, sanitation, exclusion, communication, biological and mechanical means of control, and as appropriate, specific pesticide application. Environmentally responsible pest management is not necessarily more expensive, but it does require our technicians to have greater knowledge and skills, requires a better decision-making process than otherwise would be used, and should ultimately reduce the use of pesticides.

We're taking the "guesswork" out your pest management service program with a higher level of service verification that will also allow you to establish customized service standards for each pest management control point. Ecofumitech’s integrates Quality Enhancing Technology to ensure that each pest management control point (bait station, trap, Insect Light Trap, inspection points, etc.) at your facility is monitored during each service. The results are well stored.