A Diagnostic Approach to Controlling Pests

Ecofumitech’s Proscribe Plus! program emphasizes prevention as the primary pest management method for your hospital or clinic. We prepare a comprehensive pest management plan specifically for your facility that utilizes the latest industry tools and environmentally responsible techniques. Special care and consideration are given to zero tolerance areas such as a surgery center and other areas that require a higher intensity of service. Frequency and methodologies are tailored to the specific needs and conditions of each area and may change from time to time to ensure the best results for the lowest possible price. We pay particular attention to exclusion and sanitation services in susceptible areas such as food service, cafeterias and break rooms, loading docks, dumpsters, building systems, and waiting rooms.

Benefits of the Ecofumitech program include:
• No hidden charges or callback fees for urgent services
• Follow-up treatments and inspections are made to insure any pest problems have been corrected
• A facility logbook is prepared for each complex documenting pest activity and treatments. These records are kept onsite and are reviewed regularly to decide what procedures should be taken to prevent future problems. The logbooks also contain service reports, MSDS sheets and preparation notices.
• Annual inspections and reports pin-point areas in which pests can enter structures, why pests may be attracted to the structure, and suggested improvements to help prevent future infestations.
• Online customer access portal available, at no extra charge where you can easily monitor deficiencies, run reports and manage your account.
• Needless, routine pesticide applications will not be made. Materials will only be applied when needed and in a responsible manner.

Fast response to all your pest concerns
A persistent pest can get by even the most vigilant preventive measures. In those rare occasions, you can count on Ecofumitech Pest Control to respond quickly to urgent service or additional service requests. We know the value of taking a room out of service, or worst yet, having a pest on or near a patient or their family. We'll respond quickly if need arises.

Bed Bug Treatments - STAT
We understand taking even one examination room out of service is not only inconvenient, it costs you revenue. As Kenya’s leading bed bug experts,Ecofumitech Pest Control has the expertise and equipment to quickly and completely rid your hospital, clinic, or ambulance of bed bugs. The Ecofumitech team is a dedicated bed bug response unit that performs heat treatments at medical facilities every week. Our specially trained, licensed professionals use the most effective industry-leading treatment techniques to kill all life stages of bed bugs including eggs, which are the most resilient. Gas is fast, effective, and leaves no residual chemicals that can complicate patient care..
• Fast response
• Nationally-recognized bed bug leaders
• Full-time Entomologist
• inspection teams
• Largest variety of equipment to handle any size job
• Multiple treatment techniques

The key to ridding your property of bed bugs is finding and treating all the hiding places. ecofumitech Team can effectively and cost-efficiently inspect high-risk areas with one of our inspection teams. The teams are made up of licensed Pest Management Professionals and specially trained , that can detect bed bugs and their viable eggs up to 97% accuracy. They will confirm the presence of bed bugs before any treatment is ordered our technicians do whatever it takes to take care of your problem.

Bed Bug Protocol
Because of their cryptic nature, preventing bed bugs from entering your facility is nearly impossible. Fast response saves money. Let EcofumitechTeam help you develop an effective bed bug protocol for your facility.