Whether your pest control needs are for an office building, warehouse or garage, public building, jail or residence, airport, or even public transportation and safety vehicles, Ecofumitech has the solution. We tailor our services to the requirements at each location. Certain sites may want total pest exclusion, while in other areas monitoring and dealing with pest problems as they arise will be sufficient. Ecofumitech prepares a comprehensive plan for each property that utilizes the latest industry tools and environmentally responsible techniques. Service frequency and methodologies are tailored to the needs and conditions of each individual property and may change from time to time to ensure the best results at the lowest possible price.

Our services include:
•    Pest prevention and exclusion
•    Year Round Protection
•    Emergency Service at No Charge
•    Bird Control, including exclusion, netting, and deterrence
•    Wildlife
•    Mosquitoes
•    Weed Management Services to keep utility sites and facilities free from unwanted vegetation

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - Ecofumitech uses a multifaceted approach to preventing and solving pest problems with the lowest environmental impact techniques and product selection practical. Adam’s incorporates education, inspection, identification, sanitation, exclusion, communication, biological and mechanical means of control, and as appropriate, specific pesticide application. Environmentally responsible pest management is not necessarily more expensive, but it does require our technicians to have greater knowledge and skills, requires a better decision-making process than otherwise would be used, and should ultimately reduce the use of pesticides. CALL US NOW 0724248309