While most birds in their natural environment are perfectly harmless, nuisance birds such as pigeons and seagulls can be responsible for transmitting diseases. These are not just a danger to people’s health but they can also put your business at risk. Our local bird specialists provide discreet, effective solutions, such as bird scaring, hawking and nest removal. These are all carried out with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your business.

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FACT: Birds can be a significant pest in food premises, such as food storage warehouses, food factories and bakeries. They often gain entry through loading bay areas or damaged roofing.
How to Get Rid of Birds
Pest birds can be a real problem for any business. Not only do they cause a mess, but they can also be a health hazard – and a little frightening.
Pigeons and seagulls are normally the worst culprits, especially in towns and cities. Bird removal in these cases is made more difficult by a number of factors:
1. Pigeons natural food is grain and seeds but they adapt to urban areas by scavenging processed food, such as discarded takeaways and food waste from dustbins.
2. If they can find enough food pigeons breed the whole year round, with a peak between March and July.
3. Seagulls will return year after year to the same nesting site, so once they’re established they’re hard to get rid of.
4. Seagulls can live a long time - up to 40 years - during which time they can keep on breeding..

Bird Removal Tactics
The best way to discourage birds for good is to remove their food sources, however in busy urban areas this is not always a practical solution.
If birds are causing a nuisance at your business premises there are a number of tactics that you can try:
•    Removing access to nesting sites (for instance by putting barriers over window ledges) can be an effective bird deterrent.
•    Keep any possible food sources well hidden.
•    Make sure bin lids are secure and rubbish bags are not left in the open – gulls, especially, have sharp beaks that will make short work of bin bags.

Rentokil’s Bird Treatments
Our avian specialists are experienced in how to get rid of pest birds at your place of work, whatever the location. Using discreet, cost-effective methods of pest bird removal like netting or proofing, we can get rid of your pigeon or gull problem without harming the birds.
FACT: Only three gull species are recognised as being potential pests: Greater black-backed gull, Lesser black-backed gull and Herring gull.

Signs of a Bird Infestation
You may not realise it but your business premises could be the ideal habitat for pest birds. Pigeons and seagulls have learnt how to survive in most environments, scavenging our waste food and needing only the smallest amount of shelter to make their nests.
Here are just some of the ways they’ve adapted to make use of the urban environment:
•    Pigeons and seagulls use seemingly inhospitable areas of tall buildings and flat roofs to nest.
•    Balconies, ledges, chimney stacks, guttering and culverts are favourite areas for these birds.
•    Seagulls in particular like to flock together on flat roofs.
•    Any gap larger than 25mm that allows access to your building is a potential entry point for pigeons.
•    Pigeons prefer roof spaces to roost in and can shift loose or damaged tiles to get in.
FACT: Pigeons are gregarious creatures living in flocks of anywhere between 50 and 500, so a small problem has the potential to turn into a much larger one.
Watch our infographic video about nusiance birds.

Pigeon or Seagull Infestation Signs
What should you look out for that might be a sign of a bird infestation? What should set alarm bells ringing?
•    Birds settling on roofs or ledges.
•    Continuous bird cries, especially from young chicks.
•    Nesting materials strewn about your premises.
•    Damaged stock, from pecking and bird fouling.
•    Droppings concentrated in areas where birds roost.
•    Debris from nests and feathers, which may block guttering and drainage systems, potentially leading to damp damage.

Worried About an Infestation on Your Premises?
If you think you have spotted the signs of a seagull or pigeon infestation, call our avian specialists. We are experienced in bird control solutions, using discreet, cost-effective methods that won’t harm the birds or disrupt your business